Nubi News

A new manufacturing site and new equipment for Nubi

21 November 2016 • Corporate news

NUBI is taking steps to meet the growing demand for its products and to continue to produce its fabulous deserts with even more care.

The new production site is located at Sannois.

A new dessert for Nubi the Avalanche

21 November 2016 • Product news

After the success of the tiramisu collection, NUBI is now offering a new range of desserts: The Avalanche.

Comprising alternating layers of creamy mousse, almond biscuit, ganache and coulis, this desert will satisfy even the most gourmet palates.

Two flavours are now available:

  • Chocolate and nut
  • Salted butter and vanilla caramel

Get your spoons ready!

Launch of the "revisited" ranges

21 November 2016 • Event news

A new range of NUBI products: The Classics Revisited.

And to launch this new concept, NUBI has created a Paris-Brest in a pot for even more pleasure and flavour. With its crispy praline, a smooth cream filling and soft sponge, everything is there to satisfy the most demanding palates.

The crispiest

The history of Nubi

“The history
of Mascarpone

Mascarpone is an Italian cheese originating from the Lodi region of Lombardy.
It was given its name by a governor who, on tasting this cheese for the first time in the 12th century, exclaimed: “Mas que bueno!” Meaning “Better than good!”

“The history of Génoise

In 1830, the chef Auguste Julien, while visiting the Bordeaux pastry maker Lorsa, discovered the technique from an Italian craftsman from Genoa, consisting in beating the biscuit over a slow flame. He baptised the dough “Génoise” in his honour.

“The history of Tarte Tatin

This famous tart was born in Sologne towards the end of the 14th century at an inn belonging to the Tatin sisters. Rushing to finish it, the eldest forgot to put in the pastry (at the bottom) and had to add it after the other ingredients, thus creating this iconic desert.