About us

Our history

NUBI is a French brand of gourmet desserts, founded in 2011. The brand was born with the intention to democratise desserts beyond traditional pastry-making and dining.

In only 3 years, NUBI has become a leading brand in the snack segment and with both national and international wholesalers.

In a state of constant evolution, the brand already has a presence in England, Belgium, Canada and Réunion… and it looks like it still has a way to go!

“I can't recommend eating a meal in a fast food restaurant without finishing it off with a NUBI dessert."

Our values

Enjoyed by thousands of consumers, NUBI has developed a reputation in the dessert market for both professionals and individuals.

Driven by its determination and its values, the brand is now a leading company in the dessert sector.

NUBI leaves nothing to chance and makes it a point of honour to provide uncompromising quality to its customers.

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Our commitments


Each member of our team is highly skilled in their own area. From the pastry chefs to the sales rep, from the director to the production staff, NUBI family is made up of motivated employees who are passionate, multi-skilled and driven by the same desire to please their customers.


Added colourant-free, added preservative-free, alcohol-free and with no animal gelatin, our recipes are both traditional and original.  NUBI desserts have been created and are handmaded by our dedicated chefs.

The variety of flavours and ranges available have made NUBI a household name as a provider of gourmet pleasures.